The Planning Commission's powers and duties shall be to plan the overall growth, development, redevelopment, rehabilitation and renewal of the Village.

Planning Commission Information
The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing all structural, site and subdivision plans for Residential and Commercial development. The Commission reviews all lot splits, lot combinations and zone changes proposed within the Village.

The Planning Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month on an as needed basis.

The public is invited to attend all regular Commission meetings. See the Community Calendar for the next scheduled meeting.

The Commission can be contacted by leaving a message for: Council member Jim Sullivan.

The Planning Commission consists of one member of Council and three appointed members of the Village to serve six-year terms. The Mayor shall be a member, but shall have no vote.

Commission Members:

  • Cindy Billings- Mayor
  • Jeff Pastore
  • Jay Mugford
  • Morris Dingman

Planning Commission Applications
All New Construction, Zone Changes and Lot Splits/Replats need to go before the Planning Commission. Planning Commission Applications

2021 Planning Commission Meeting Dates and Due Dates (Applications due by Noon)
January 12th                  Due - December 23rd
February 9th                   Due - January 20th 
March 9th                       Due -  February 17th
April 13th                        Due - March 24th
May 11th                         Due - April 21st
June 8th                          Due - May 19th
July 13th                         Due - June 23rd
August 10th                    Due - July 21st
September 14th              Due - August 25th
October 12th                   Due - September 22nd
November 9th                 Due - October 20th
December 14th               Due - November 24th
January 12, 2022            Due - December 23rd